View Full Version : Stanceworks BMW 1er M

30-01-2016, 22:28
First of all: thank you for the awesome addon. The new track is really awesome. Nice detail, great layout. I have one question about the Stanceworks 1M: I'm driving without automatic clutch (t3pa + th8a). In cockpit view the car uses paddles to shift but I have to use the clutch to shift. Isn't it sequential? Is it a bug?

30-01-2016, 23:38
Posted by Casey in the Stancework's thread " (Full disclosure: We missed that the 3D model had been changed to show paddle shifters even though it wasn’t in the plan to change the physics model over to a paddle shift sequential. Ignore the paddles for now and treat it like a normal H-pattern gearbox. We’ll get a full sequential installed on the car in the next update.)"