View Full Version : Anybody else experience something strange about the force feedback?

01-02-2016, 11:24
Hi, I'm running PC with a Logitech G920 Wheel and maybe 2/3 times when I enter a corner I start to feel the wheels FFB working to turn away (as it should).
The weird thing is that it continues to turn even after I left the corner and doesnt let go until I've driven 2-3 seconds down the straight (with a slight twitch, as you would feel if you oversteered and corrected)

What I'm saying is that I'm basically driving down a straight after a right corner with my steering wheel vigorously turning left, for a few seconds before it snaps out of it.
Its just like if you would drift through a corner and then get the car back leveled but the steering wheel have a 2-3 second delay while it's deciding if you actually left the corner or not.

This is driving me up the wall (literary)

Anyone got any tips for FFB-settings? What the hell am I doing wrong?

/ Cheers

Mad Al
01-02-2016, 12:30