View Full Version : No online Lobbys found

01-02-2016, 17:14
Since months now i cant find any online lobby ro race in. There used be to atleast 30 online but now there isnt a single one online at any time. Is this a bug which I can fix myself and can anybody maybe tell me how to? I would actually like to drive some races online again :/

Castrol r
01-02-2016, 17:19
Sounds silly but my friend has had the same since update I had it on release day Xbox one
Turns out the cars was set to stock car instead of all .
Both never touched the settings .

01-02-2016, 17:22
Check the "Multiplayer Filter" as mentioned above. Make sure it's set to "All".

01-02-2016, 17:35
Could swear i just looked at the settings a few days ago but apparently i was wrong. It was set to Kart. Thank you guys ;)