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02-02-2016, 07:04
Well as a Scot I'm absolutely blown away by Bannochbrae - thanks guys for yet another great DLC :-)

Where I don't understand this DLC is with the BMW 2002 Stanceworks. If I tune it and drive it myself in a "same class" quick race (where the AI is driving Historic Touring Cars B) it's competitive with the original cars in the class. So far so good.
Problem is, all the other 2002 SW cars romp away from us all, are simply in another class altogether. I haven't tried it on all tracks, just Bannochbrae and Nordschleife - at the Nordschleife the AI 2002SW cars were ca. 30 seconds a lap quicker than the rest of us! Doesn't seem to matter what the AI difficulty Level is set at.

Anyone else seeing this, or is it just me? Historic touring B was a great class before, with real close racing

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02-02-2016, 07:25
I notice the same thing, 2002 SW is a bit faster than the other cars in the game, except 300SEL.

Historic B had always been a fairly unbalanced class as the 2002 and Mustang a bit too slow, Escort is average and now, 2002 SW adn 300SEL is topping the class. Not much as a concern as 60s touring car is quite a mess in terms of BOP so this is kinda an accurate recreation for me.

02-02-2016, 11:36
Don't think you got the whole point.. It's not just the 2002sw Performance relating to the other cars, but also to me driving the same car...

With a chosen AI difficulty level I was always just slightly better than the AI, which made for a satisfying race. (for me)
Now, with the same difficulty Level, I'm faster than the other car types regardless of what car I'm driving, but am blown away by the AI 2002sw cars, even if I'm driving one myself.
Doesn't seem logical to me.


02-02-2016, 14:09
The 2002 SW does seem higher performance than others in class.

As I have commented in another thread, when running a Historic Touring quick race, no matter where the 2002 SW's start, they always finish top. The last race I did was at Snetterton 300. 20 cars, the 2002SW started 16th, and after the ten laps were up, was a good few seconds in the lead.

Slightly off topic, but I dont see why the 2002 Turbo and Mustang are in the touring class, they are road cars, with numberplates. Hell the 2002 Turbo even shows up in the road section when scrolling for cars. Maybe for PCars2, we could get them in a Historic Road class instead?