View Full Version : ai pitstop problems

02-02-2016, 07:28

I was racing on Le Mans 24 hrs race when the ai got into the pit and never leaves.
So the pit was occupied and i cant get into the pit anymore.
Also other ai drivers couldnt.
I ended the race without fuel and other ai drivers who couldnt pit ended with blown tires etc etc.
This was also happpens on Road America.
The career race of Le Mans is useless like this way!!
Also the quick races on le mans and Road America where you have to pit are useless!!

Have any body else this problems too??

Devs....are you gonna fix this bug in the next patch 9.0??

02-02-2016, 17:58
Im just wonder if im the only one whos playing career and quick races and so has this problem.
Is it possible that i get a answer from someone who knows if its gonna fixed???

02-02-2016, 19:00
I can't tell you if it will get fixed hopefully it will, But i can tell you your not the only one it's happening too i've seen quite a few threads reporting the same issue as you.

03-02-2016, 13:20
I did again a Le Mans race and dont have any problems now.....i dont understand it anymore.

Who can explain it???