View Full Version : Azure Circuit Porsche Super Cup carnage

02-02-2016, 20:31
This is unplayable from the begging. AI at 95%, qualified 17th. Rolling start (i wan't comment on that crap), but then lights are still red, cars are already crashing each other. Then when the lights go green bumb festival starts. First at Rascasse, small crash between AI - huge jam, my car already hitted from back into someone else - already damaged. Then at Noghes another crash and jam. Another jam at Devote. WTF is this?!!?!

Already got mad after AI at Catalunya, while my tires went off around lap 20, they still could run same lap times - in the effect they got me, cut the track and hitted my doors. Never had been cleanly overtaken by AI, even though i left them so much room (go check out corner 10, how they overtake there).

Fix this AI please.

kevin kirk
02-02-2016, 21:14
My gameplay is they go out of their way to avoid making contact me. Some might change lanes trying to pass another car with me there. 95 percent seems like a high difficulty level to not expect them to be running away from you when tires get worn. isn't 100 ace

02-02-2016, 22:28
Finally completed short race. AI crashed so many times, that all the field had to pit, except me. I've finished 2nd (from 17th).