View Full Version : Viprix - Group A Championship

03-02-2016, 00:54
Starting next week, our group Viprix will be organizing a Group A Championship. All assists are disabled and manual gear is forced in order to to simulate the real racing experience from the 80s!

More info (also sign-up form): www.kineticignition.com/groupa

Starting Date: 8 February, 2016
Races are held every Monday at 20:00 (8PM) UTC.
Each week, we will do two races (right after each other; for both races: practice: 15min, quali: 10min, race: 20min)

In addition, we will have race stewards who will review race incidents and punish offenders when neccessary. For more information about this, please check the ''Rules >>> Stewards'' tab at the top.