View Full Version : Brake Cooling, is it too much?

03-02-2016, 12:45
I don't know how many cars does this, but I feel like some cars may just have "too effective" of brake cooling?

Tried to do a race around Sonoma GP in a 190E Evo 2 last night. It seems I cannot get the brake temp to stay above 250C for any duration. Only time it ever got above 300C is braking into final hairpin. It was basically showing blue in the pCarsDash the entire time. I started the practice with the car running 75% cooling, then 50%, then 25%, in the race I was running 3% brake duct and I still can't get the temperature in. In the braking zone into the doubt apex right hand before the esses, I think the temp, with the car slowing from something like 130mph to 50mph, the brake temp went up by maybe 60C? Assuming some rough #, 26C ambient, 1000kg car, 13.5" rotor, 58% brake distribution to the front, assuming like 3 sec stop duration(1.2g average decel), using formula here(http://www.mh.ttu.ee/alina/Masinaelemendid/Masinaelemendid%20I/Harjutused/nadal7%20Sidurid_Pidurid/Brake%20Calculations.doc), the single stop temp rise for the front is something like 312C for cast iron rotor. So at 3% cooling we are still cooling at some insane rate....