View Full Version : [NO] Regarding MOTEC i2 and pCARS talking to each other. Is it possible?

03-02-2016, 16:29
So, MOTEC i2 is a pretty industry-standard racing telemetry capture and analysis tool. Yes, it is a commercial product, but they also let people use it for free for personal use.

I used to use this all the time with Race 07, GTR2, and GT Legends (well, still do when I play those :cool:
There's many great motec tools written by the community available, and I'm currently using pCARS profiler. but .. i mean .... c'mon. it's MOTEC i2, ya know?
I'm pretty sure MOTEC i2 wouldn't work with pCARS' "shared memory" option, but now that it has UDP (which I have no clue what that is LOL :p ) can the two talk to each other?


03-02-2016, 16:46
No, it is not.

03-02-2016, 17:38
No, it is not.

Clear, concise answer. Thanks.
nuf said :)

03-02-2016, 18:04
No, it is not.

No, but, maybe...

For live data feeds then you would have to write an app that took the UDP/shared memory data and transcribed it into a format that the Motec would understand. Alternatively, the apps that record data could potentially output that recorded data into a format that Motec understands and then you would be good to go. Not sure if you would hit any licensing issues tho, as I guess that's why SMS didn't look to output in that format, like GTR2 did I believe.

But as Tiago stated, as of today, AFAIK then nope, you're out of luck.

**Edit: In fact a quick search pulled this thread up: http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?28666-MOTEC-software&p=955014&viewfull=1#post955014

03-02-2016, 18:28
@MikevTT -- thanks for searching for me :p ..
so that's that then. licensing issue .... you'd hafta buy an API license
done and done :)

03-02-2016, 19:25
No license needed to read iRacing data from the car. Someone just wrote a middle-ware file that took the iRacing telemetry output and put it into a format that Motec could use. iRacing didn't pay any licensing fees (they went with McLaren). The version of Motec software used was/is free. Win Win. Granted it wasn't a live feed, but you could write a telemetry file every time you stopped/started logging within the game. I would run 10 laps, pit. stop logging (iracing would write the file) then i would use motec to open the log file. Semi-live i guess. Kinda like the olden days of onboard data.

16-03-2016, 19:46
^ That's not allowed with the Motec licensing. i2 itself is free, but the licensing terms for usage are clear: only use with Motec gear. I contacted both Motec and RaceLogic regarding this, and it's a no go with both of them.