View Full Version : pit crew + mid race save update

04-02-2016, 15:10
has anyone got any updates on whether pit crews and mid race saves will be coming to the game. would love to see pit crews introduced to make the racing feel more realistic especially in endurance races. any info would be great.

04-02-2016, 16:07
No, not coming in Pcars, hope for PC2
Been said they wanted to, but all the different cars sizes presented a difficult task, and could not be done as hoped for. some searching on forurm can turn up a lot of info on this.

Mid race save, doubt you will see that in Pcars1

kevin kirk
04-02-2016, 16:23
A lot of people wanting this talks about it making pit stops more realistic. Wouldn't ghosting through a bunch of pit crew guys as if they wasn't there make it seem the opposite of realistic?

Neil Bateman
04-02-2016, 17:26
I have to say, the only thing i have ever been interested in regarding pit stops is having full control entering pit lane, stopping in your box and exiting.
So much time to be won and lost right there, even if it meant all cars were ghosted at the pit entry line to prevent idiots blasting though the pits at full speed wrecking everyone would have been better than what we ended up with especially for league racing.

I loved the pitting in NR2003 as you had 100% control and with no pit speed limiler it was a great challenge to not only get it just right but entering pits behind someone but leaving ahead of them.