View Full Version : intersested in hearing how you guys do single player endurance races

kevin kirk
04-02-2016, 18:44
Before I embark on a 12 or 24 hour endurance race at bathhurst, Get half way thur it, and realize I should have did something before I started the race.I would love to hear how others are doing it. Maybe have some tips about the AI driver swap and his driving and function while not being watched by me. Maybe some tips on the games proformance during extra long races while not being watched over by me thur multible AI driver pit stops. Also will the track actually look like it has been raced on for many,many hours. Any bugs or hickups in races this long I might be able to avoid happening. I have come to terms with just cutting the damage off at Bathurst so damage isn't going to be a issue. sorry for the spelling

04-02-2016, 19:18
The AI driver is usually capable, assuming your AI is at 100%

Unfortunately in multiclass endurance events he can be a bit careless with his lapping moves and get himself DQ'd. It would be nice if there was a more progressive penalty system in place for that.

If you're going the AI driver route, you'll probably want to work your strategy so he drives in the middle more calmer part of the race and empties his fuel while doing so. Be mindful if there's weather - the AI will pit fine, but I've had issues with them taking the strategy tires and not the proper weather tires in the past. It might be fixed though.

Joshua Healy
04-02-2016, 19:22
I haven't done the endurance races in pCARS yet but in other games I used to wait for a weekend I was free and run the whole race over a Saturday/Sunday. I'd plan it early and run some practice sessions through the week leading up to it making sure I could hit consistent clean laps for an hour or so.

Others might have some better tips for pcars specifically but as with any endurance race the simple advice applies.
- Clear your schedule
-Sleep will keep you focused (if using AI swaps)
-Keep water and food nearby
-Sleep a lot before you start
-Keep practice to under an hour at a time, too much practice at once can make you over think your driving

Lastly and possibly most important is make sure your setup is comfortable, you could be on track for 2-3 hours at a time. When you're not driving get up and walk around, stretch, lay down, relax before you jump on track again.

This is what helped me do a fair few 24hr races in GTR2 and GT4/5.

kevin kirk
04-02-2016, 19:34
I'm going with fixed weather, rules off because of that. About 2 stints is my limit at one time. Old man hands isn't what they use to be and start cramping. Glad to hear It possible so I don't have to just pause the game when I get tired.

04-02-2016, 19:51
How do cutting track penalties work?

04-02-2016, 21:37
Don't forget to map a key to request pitstops.
You'll need it if you want to call the AI driver in earlier.

kevin kirk
04-02-2016, 23:15
Don't forget to map a key to request pitstops.
You'll need it if you want to call the AI driver in earlier.
thanks, I did not know that. I figured it would be on the pause menu or something

04-02-2016, 23:22
How do cutting track penalties work?

there is a limit. after a while, you have the black flag. so rules off is a good idea in endurance race.

05-02-2016, 04:24
How do cutting track penalties work?

If you cut for a seemingly arbitrary amount of offenses with flag rules on in singleplayer, you get disqualified outright. The offenses also don't have a reset timer. If you get your final warning and cut three hours later, it's game over.

In an otherwise pretty solid rules implementation, it'd be nice if there was levels of penalties levied and a reset timer. But it does add a certain amount of extra challenge. Unfortunately, the AI teammate driver is a little um....reckless.