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05-02-2016, 04:30
Respected SMS,
first of all, thank you for this excellent game, I have a decade of playing Simbin's GTR games and ProjectCars is very fine game in my book.
That being said, while browsing threads in this forum I've noticed you need specific details if a crash occurs, so here goes:
1. my PS4 isn't connected to internet and I play only carreer. When I have to update, I connect to my mobile phone. My PS4 is up to date with firmware 3.15, my ProjectCars is at update 8.0, I have a disc game.
2. Track: Monza, solo practice, fixed weather to clear, 9AM, crash occured in the exit of the second righthand corner after the second shikane.
3. Car: Type98T Roland Turbo, was lapping at approximately 1,30 per lap.
4. Dualshocker, manual gearing, traction control ON, all other assists OFF, cockpit view.
5. No saved replays.
6. No processes in the background, nothing updated during the game.
7. Have only two games installed, ProjectCars and DA Inqusition.
8. PS4 is latest edition chassis, Nowember 2015.
9. PS4 is properly vented and placed in a place with free air flow.

Game crashed to PS4 menu. This is my first crash on update 8.0, had only one on update 5.0, updated straight from 5.0 to 8.0, haven't lost my saves nor is my data corrupted.

Hope that's enough for you guys.

One crash now and then isn't much and I'm not complaining, just providing you with the data so you can solve problems for me and other guys who have more frequent crashes.

Best regards,

05-02-2016, 12:35
welcome to the Crash club!

05-02-2016, 16:30
I downloaded 8, but I was still crashing too..time to move on to the next game :D

05-02-2016, 17:58
I downloaded 8, but I was still crashing too..time to move on to the next game :D

Yep....Pcars2...I can hardly wait...:cool:

05-02-2016, 21:17
Yeah! You will be waiting some time for it :)

In the meantime I will be banging laps out on dirt rally , asset to corsa , gt sport , f1 2016 and what ever else runs with 4 wheels . Ahhh and hopefully project cars vr.

06-02-2016, 12:14
My game is pretty much rock solid, had this one crash on 8.0 that's it, so I wil be playing this for many months to come.
But to be honest, games crash. All games.
This is my first console ever, I was a long time PC player, now I can't afford gaming mashine any more, hence the PS4. But even on PC, games used to crash occasionaly.
So I don't take it too seriously.

06-02-2016, 20:03
I understand games crash , I have 25 ps4 titles none of them are unstable like this has been , corrupted files and crashing .

Believe this isn't by any means normal for a ps4 title.