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05-02-2016, 19:28
I bought this game on release day but never got a chance to really get into it aside from some online formula rookie races. I'm a huge F1 fan so when F1 2015 came out I dropped Pcars and have been playing that since. I feel that I got my money's worth out of F1 2015 so now I'm back to Pcars. I have some questions that I would like answered just to get back up to speed with the game.

1-can I use a keyboard while playing with the dual shock controller? I would like to adjust the seat position while on the fly. If this is possible, how does the process work? I usually play with the DS4 plugged into the first USB port so do I plug the USB keyboard into port 2 or do I play with the DS4 wireless and plug the keyboard into port 1?

2-are indycars and ovals in the game?

3-are there more Japenese cars in the game now?

4-is the career mode the same as it was during release or does it incorporate all the DLC cars and tracks? I quickly saw the Formula Renault car and started drooling. Can I race this car in career mode?

5-is online multiplayer still as good as I remembered it or has it gotten worse? F1 2015 multiplayer is almost non existent, it's hard to find a lobby with more than 4 players in it.

Thanks in advance for those that answered my 5 questions, especially question 1. I can't wait to install the game and get racing again.

05-02-2016, 19:57
1/ yes you can use a keyboard you just need to assign the keyboard buttons

2/ i don't no we'll have to wait and see

3/ i'm going to say no but i might be wrong

4/ Yes some of the DLC cars are used in career Renault is.

5/ There are lobbys just make sure you set your filters to ALL.

06-02-2016, 10:50
^^This looks to have answered all but i will just add , you can use a usb hub for more connections .
I've got my wheel plugged into the ps4 directly and the hub in the second with a keyboard , headset and storage thumb drive connected with one slot left for PSVR hopefully .
Oh It's a unpowered usb hub .
There was a Japanese DLC with some Toyota's and Subaru's in .
Some days theres nothing online others heaps .

07-02-2016, 01:58
2. Dallara Indy cars are rumoured to be on their way. Soon.
Ovals had a hiccup with the AI but its being considered for MP only. At this stage ovals are looking unlikely.

3. Yes. We've had a few Evo's, Toyota 86 variants (no Subaru BRZ, only Toyobaru), TS040 LMP1, and most recently the RadBul MX5.

5. Online MP I think now is better than its ever been. Seems a little more populated. A few added options (eg. Host can kick a wrecker immediately) has improved the situation slightly. It seems a little more varied too in public MP.

Yes, the Formula Renault is a blast. Can bite a proper chunk out your a* if you're silly with it :)

07-02-2016, 03:00
Thanks for all the response folks. Going to install the game and all the dlcs tonight.

07-02-2016, 03:09
My favourites are the Icons, LE and Audi packs. And the one with the Aston DBR1-2. And the Classic Track pack with Rouen, Classic Hockenheim and Silverstone and a bunch of old Lotus racers.
The StanceWorks pack is worth getting just for Bannochbrae if you're not interested in the cars.
Alas each to their own and every DLC pack will have the one thing that'll justify the purchase for you.
Looking forward to the upcoming DLC packs too in the next few months.

Edit: and the Renault pack has awesome cars: the FR3.5, RS01 and Megane Trophy cars are all excellent.
I need to stop... #fanboi

07-02-2016, 04:06
Scion , sorry not subaru . Same same .

07-02-2016, 06:29
Scion , sorry not subaru . Same same .

Lol. I figured. I really wanted the Subaru WRX STi tough. Perfect match against the Lancer. But hey, maybe Pcars2 will have my Subaru.