View Full Version : Online Livery Idee

07-02-2016, 12:07
Hey i often reed that people asking if other people can see the Livery
wouldn't it possible too use the same System what Trackmania use for it Skins?

User can see your Livery if there have it to if iam correct and there could be a System what downloads the Livery from other people
The downloadet Livery could be saved in a temp dir what is used in Online Mode

Ok there could bee the problem if 2 User have the same Car with Custom Liverys, and that could be fixed with something like a id or the playername like: User1_BMW_Z4_LIVERY or BMW_Z4_USERID_LIVERY

Here a easy way to understand what i mean

A Connectet User has a Custom Livery
You download the Livery in the temp dir
The Game shows there Livery in Online Mod

Nelson Pacheco
08-02-2016, 16:44
i think that if they wanted that... we would have that buy now

and to be honest... workshop in steam works very well for most of the games i play and it doesnt be that hard to allow users to upload skins... someone will see if its against the "law" of advertising and then allow everyone to download that skin to a folder in our pc for example... but we are in 2016 not yet in 2026

Darren O'Brien
26-02-2016, 02:11
How does iRacing get around this with all the custom liveries that can be seen in game ?