View Full Version : Driving aids issue in online lobbies (PlayStation 4)

07-02-2016, 23:53
Hi! First at all congratulations to the team for making such good game! But like all the games..there's some bugs and issues left that should be fixed.

Here goes one annoying for me and some friends while we race in a Online league on the PlayStation 4 platform.

We set up the lobby rules and driving assists off with only ABS permission.. But on track we still can engage the stability control and the traction control with the USB keyboard..

Please check that, and fix it in a update..
I let some screenshots of the configuration of the lobby and the issue that shows the activation of the assists on track while it should be denied..


Hopefully this helps for making the game better and see a fix of this issue soon.

Greetings from Spain! And keep up the great work!

09-02-2016, 00:46
From what I can tell there is no way to force off assists or force them real no matter how u set a room up. You can always switch them back on once your on track.

09-02-2016, 11:59
Well.. If you set up a lobby with no driving assists allow you really should not be able to activate them on track.. That for Online racing leagues is a broken feature..
In other games (even GT) if you set up a lobby with no aids restricted.. You aren't able to activate them on track.. Just how it should be... Otherwise way are de rules for??

I really hope it will be investigated and fixed.. Because like i said that's a game breaker for us and other people ho does online league compitions..

So please SMS, investigate this issue and fix it at soon at possible please

09-02-2016, 14:29
I also don't think it was always like this. Idk if this a new bug introduced lately but it used to work as far as I know. It's is 100% useless right now. Any room u go into anyone can turn on all the assists no matter the car. Weak!

09-02-2016, 15:55
I assumed this was fixed a couple of patches ago... Sucks if it's back.

Can assists also be enabled when 'Force Realistic Assists' is set to yes?

09-02-2016, 16:21
Yes they can. I jumped in a bunch of randoms with different settings and I could always turn them on and off with the icons popping up on the motec including stability control. You can feel them too so it's not just a visual issue.

09-02-2016, 18:03
Yes they can. I jumped in a bunch of randoms with different settings and I could always turn them on and off with the icons popping up on the motec including stability control. You can feel them too so it's not just a visual issue.

That's strange, I just tested in an online lobby set to Force Realistic Assists with Aston Martin GTE, only traction control can be turned on and off as it's the only assist available on the GTE.

When I select the other assists 'N/A' is the message on the screen and nothing appears on the HUD.

Also tested in the Community Event which is running, no assists work there.

Even if I set the lobby up the same way as in the OP, only ABS can be toggled on/off.

09-02-2016, 19:27
I just created a room online with forced realistic assists and I was able to turn them all on and off.

I just jumped in a room that only allowed abs only and was able to turn tc and SC on.

Maybe someone else can test too.

09-02-2016, 19:35
I have these contols mapped to my button box but I would doubt input device would have any effect. You guys that run the TT and esport thing better check in those modes.

10-02-2016, 07:37
Just a thought, have you tried it with cars that don't have these assists in real life? Classic Touring or something. I guess if you select no assists then that's the way it should be but it might be on cars that are designed with TC, ABS.

10-02-2016, 14:46
Yes most gt3 don't have stability. The aston gte does not have tc or Stability and they turn on.

12-02-2016, 09:14
We have tested this too and it is a problem. it seam to be if you have the ABS/TC and stability on in the main setting of the game you can use them in an online race no-matter if the room has them blocked. if you don't have them ie set to no in main menu you can not turn them on even if configured on the wheel..

hope that makes sense.

SMS/WMD can you please sort this out as this is unfair on people who have set to lobbies to not use Aids only to have people be able to cheat the system


14-02-2016, 03:00
Yes... It's really a annoying problem for those that makes a Online league lobby with no aids restrictions and that aren't working.. Hope SMS fix it soon or @IanBell sees this post