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08-02-2016, 14:56
I bought a Thrustmaster TX wheel in June 2015. Used it on Pcars and Forza until December. Packed it up. Took it out today and it will not power up. Completely dead.

I bought it from walmart.com with a $27 protection plan. I now have to send back to wm. Will update.

11-02-2016, 17:29
I know there are lots of other TX players out there on Pcars. My question to you is how many TX wheels have you gone through? When I read amazon reviews it seems many people have had wheels die, then replace, then die again.

I sent my wheel base off for a "repair" from walmart's repair shop (covered under protection plan). I am very skeptical about them being able to repair this piece of trash. It seems thrustmaster simply uses cheap components which die after a few months so a replacement will just die just like the original.

Note: I STILL have my wireless Microsoft xbox 360 wheel which is at least 8 years old and still works flawlessly. Why can't today's manufacturers make a reliable wheel?

11-02-2016, 17:57
mine works since September 2014. About 1000 hours, no problem.

11-02-2016, 17:59
I've had mine since December '14. Used it on FM5, Horizon 2 and now pCARS. No issues. I also don't use extreme amounts of FFB.

Krus Control
11-02-2016, 18:14
I'm on my 4th TX. It would seem the TX is better now but old units were hit and miss. I got one that just never ever worked. One broke within an hour. One worked for 2 weeks. You're definitely taking a risk when you buy this wheel. But Thrustmaster will happily replace anything that breaks. And the ffb quality is so high that I can overlook the build quality.

11-02-2016, 18:23
I'm still using my 1st & only Thrustmaster TX wheel. I've had it since launch, Nov 2013. No problems & over 700 hrs of use.

11-02-2016, 21:30
Thanks for the replies!!

I'll update once they repair or replace TX #1. Hopefully #2 will have a long life.

11-02-2016, 22:19
Bought mine last May and used it pretty much everyday... Probably around 20-30 hrs a week... No problem and i like strong ffb... Brilliant bit of kit!

12-02-2016, 01:09
My TX was about two years old before I retired it for a CSW-v2. Through FM5, and the first six month of PCars, I never had a single problem with it. You'll probably have better luck with the second one.

28-02-2016, 22:01
Update: The Walmart protection plan called Asurion received my TX wheel base. That's all they wanted me to ship. Not even a power cord or the wheel or the pedals. They contacted me very soon after receipt to tell me there is nothing they can do to repair or replace the unit. So, they sent me a check for $312 to cover the cost of the wheel. I asked for the base back as well but they said no.

At this point I'll wait a bit and read reviews of the other xb1 wheel options. Maybe sell the wheel, power cord and pedals on ebay.