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Pops Racer
09-02-2016, 18:42
Why this car?
It sucks even on the skid pad at mojave.
I tuned this thing to run as a regular car and it is poor..
1500 hp does not translate well in this car.
I get the idea behind drifting and I also know that any good driver will pass a "drifter" in no time but this car did not make sense.
Yes, the last dlc was limited to the stance works models and a really good track which almost covers the terrible rad bull car..
I love p-cars so this won't affect my buying more dlc but let us work on some of the great cars and tracks and leave the "special" models for folks who like sliding more than racing.
The whole appeal of p-cars with me is a really good simulation with online features. A lot of other driving games are exactly that GAMES and who cares about them!!!!!

09-02-2016, 18:46
i've only driven the car a few times, and im no drifter by any means, but the car was brought out in part to showcase the new tire physics. and yes, driving a normal line around a race track is faster, but there are people who play this sim who want an authentic and realistic drift car. and pCARS IS a simulator, hence why the Rad Bull is such a hard car to tame, just like it is in real life. It was never meant to be driven as a normal car. So knowing that this game is in fact a sim and not an arcade, I dont understand your need for this post. Your second to last sentence answered your own little rant.

09-02-2016, 20:38
I think Mr. Lebowski said it best.