View Full Version : Vibrate to heavy (or to low when turned down)

12-02-2016, 13:31
Please guys can you adjust the general vibration setting, most people must think there controllers are going to break. High is too high and low is too low. Middle settings dont feel right either.. I love the game but when driving without headphones on a pad its too loud. the controller makes a heck of a noise.(my controller is fine)

kevin kirk
12-02-2016, 18:11
In the controller settings option pages in the menus there is a forcefeed back adjustment near the bottom of the page. I had to turn mine down to 10. Default is like 90 or something around there. Dam thing would bounce across the table if I set it down while it vibrated. Made my hands itch and go to sleep. I also noticed that the brake shake is more accurate when I'm not using ABS