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12-02-2016, 18:56
Hi SMS (and Mods),

Superb game you've made.
I'm just wondering if each car has its sound recorded in real life, or if one sound file is used for multiple cars. It's just that some cars sound spot on, some cars sound exactly like others, or they sound quite similar but not the same.

For example, the Ford Mustang TransAm, Ford Mustang Boss GT4, and Caper Monterey Stockcar sound the same as each other. This is the same for other cars. Do you use the same sound file for all these cars?

However, the Ruf's have an engine sound that has similar characteristics to the Audi R18's sound - when you decelerate, the Ruf's have that same 'grumble' as the R18 (you'd have to drive those cars to understand me). It makes me wonder, do you modify one sound file for multiple cars?

But then there's the cars that sound absolutely like their real life counterparts. The classic Lotus' for example, the Audi 90 quattro, or the Audi R8 GT3. Which makes me ask, do you record these sounds in real life?

Don't get me wrong, all the cars sound great in the game, I was just wondering.
Keep it up all at SMS.