View Full Version : More apps for pCARS on ps4

13-02-2016, 06:45
Got all these and they work great, I use 3 devices (iOS) and all run at the same time seamlessly.. A button box app would be cool too especially if it was customisable.227345

13-02-2016, 13:48
Give crew chief a go also , It's another cool app that you can run in the back ground of pcars dash app .

13-02-2016, 13:56
Highly recommend Crew Chief as well, pretty amazing app, I never race without it now. Seriously, worth checking out even if it is a bit $$$

Lethal 556
13-02-2016, 15:19
Yes while they are all great apps the crew chief is by far the best in my opinion

13-02-2016, 17:47
Not available on iOS though sadly... Unless that's changed recently?

14-02-2016, 14:11
I have trouble getting Crew chief to work. Anyone with ideas?

14-02-2016, 14:25
Do u mean it won't start working like it normally does/should? Only solution i found was to delete the apps data, i tried deleting cashe but made no difference, only deleted data would allow the app to start, though this problem was fixed recently.

If its something else not working, the app is regularly updated with improvements all the time. Heard it read me all 4 tyre temps individually today.

14-02-2016, 15:53
Thanks i will give it try again. I only get to radio check. Then Nothing more. Wil restart the phone.

Kain NL
17-02-2016, 17:53
Apps I bought, Android, and randomly use !! Crew Chief, HudDash, PCars Dash and DashMeterPro.

17-02-2016, 19:56
I use crew chief and vrHive both installed on my PC and working great. I use PCARS dash on IOS sometimes too better for tracking tyre pressures and the timing screen is brilliant

25-02-2016, 21:16
I have been using PCars Dash and Crew Chief simultaneously for a while and both work great. Crew Chief is a must have. The developer is great about responding to emails, usually within a day. Just the spotter function in Crew Chief is invaluable for those of us with one screen. I recently spoke to the Crew Chief developer about IOS, he indicated that right now it would cost him a lot of money to develop it due to the fact that he has to buy a Mac, pay apple fees and purchase a development kit. So, right now it is not in development. This was 2 weeks ago so anything could have happened since then...

25-02-2016, 21:18
A button box app would be outstanding.