View Full Version : No A.I. DNF

13-02-2016, 19:07
So, yes... iīm here again to ask the developers to FIX two things in this game.

First: A.I. doesnīt have mechanical/eletrical/gearbox problems like all other simulators since 1995 (nascar race 1 in MS-DOS had)
Second: A.I. doesnīt respect flag rules. When you are about to lap than they act like maniacs.


As you can see, after 50 laps in a 33c no one retired. And this is only an example I did race 12 hours race without ANY AI retire due problems.

And yes.. my english suck I know =)

PLZ, letīs put some hope in pcars 2, if you dont fix this I will NOT buy any other game from this company.

13-02-2016, 19:26
No need for double posts. You already posted in the AI thread.