View Full Version : Serious problem with Pcars OR PSN last few days?!

13-02-2016, 19:12
There must be a serious problem with Pcars OR PSN last few days. Today is a nightmare to drive online. 75% of racers get disconnected from races and returns to RaceCentral.
Private or public lobbys, does note matter. Its slow, laggy and disconnects all the time. Whats going on here?


Love this game BUT FIX YOUR Sh!t.

They could send poeple to the moon 1969, but make online gaming work 2016 seems to be impossible..

13-02-2016, 19:23
It's a PSN problem

13-02-2016, 19:59
It's a PSN problem

I change Pcars from Xbox 1 coz it looked like shit, now i play it on PS4 that plays like shit, last resort is my PC, crossing my fingers. Have to buy a THIRD copy and all DLC again. Insane. (Sorry for my anger but enough is enough)

13-02-2016, 20:24
It's a PSN problem
Nope. Other games are fine.

13-02-2016, 20:55
Same issues last weekend. Dont know about other games. But disconnects destroyed every try of league racing.

I am concerned about this, since it wasn't a continous problem in the last months. Now and then, but not THAT accumulated.

Vittorio Rapa
13-02-2016, 21:10
It's a PSN problem
Nope. Other games are fine.

They are not:


Stephanie Savage · Edmond (Oklahoma)keep getting booted from multiplayer

Milan Adámek · Bílina, Ústecký Kraj, Czech Republic
Disconnection lobby in GT6

...and so on, PSN is suffering major issues recently (due to the high traffic), and many other games are reporting the same issues (mass disconnections). However this topic is being discussed in other forum threads (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?44799-Continuous-Disconnects-from-MP), so I'm closing this one.