View Full Version : V8SC sound bug

14-02-2016, 12:18

I'm loving the updated sound of the V8SC so far but I think there's a bug with it!!

When I use this car in online mode, sound is different. There's no transmission and backfire sound.

If I use it on my own server, or join the 'lobby' status server then sound is fine.

It happens when I join the ongoing public lobby with a 'racing' status.

never enough
14-02-2016, 12:39
Great comparison which clearly illustrates the issue. Hopefully this bug doesn't find its way to consoles; I'll be shattered.. again! Lol
Hope PC users get a fix asap!

14-02-2016, 20:32
(swallowing my own medicine)... Reported.

27-02-2016, 09:05
Just found out that this happens to not just V8SC, but all cars.