View Full Version : This Game is Shit

14-02-2016, 19:31
I'm a moderator in a weekly racing league. We haven't even been able get a single race under our belts, half the time it won't allow me to even join the lobby. We'll all be driving along just fine, then 5 minutes in people start getting disconnected out of nowhere. I'm not sure if it is a sync problem or what but I have no problem playing with the same people on other games. I know it isn't my internet I have 150 Mbps connection speed. It isn't PSN and it isn't my PS4. Not sure if there is a patch coming along to fix this problem, but I can't believe you would call this a finished game. I also have heard that any hate mail like this results in an immediate ban. You guys need to fix your game, don't come out with another one until you do.