View Full Version : Info displays on the Formula B Wheel

Ryan Neuman
14-02-2016, 22:49
Hi - I've reached FB in my career, and since I don't use the HUD, I'm trying to figure out what in the world the numbers on the steering wheel info 'pages' are.

The 'first' is obviously speed and RPM
Another is current and total laps (total laps seems a useless thing to have on the wheel since it never changes fro a given race)
One has fuel info
then there are a couple more I don't understand at all... Last I looked at the one is said 1.78 and 1.76 or something. Can't for the life of me determine what those two numbers are.

Can anyone help? I can't find the info online ANYWHERE. I'm sure it will be useful to some degree as I run hundreds of laps.


14-02-2016, 23:07
Without checking, I think 1.78 is fuel used on the last lap and 1.76 is your average fuel consumption.

Quite a useful screen.

Ryan Neuman
15-02-2016, 03:12
Thanks, so we have:

Speed / RPM
Fuel Left / Brake Balance
Fuel last Lap / Avg Fuel per Lap
Current Lap / Total Laps in Race

Is there one more? I'll take a look next time I can load the game.

N0body Of The Goat
15-02-2016, 05:05
Off the top of my head, is there a display showing whether the once per lap KERS/boost has been used (including a boost from the grid start if you can press boost before passing the start/finish line that will not be counted as lap 1's boost, so basically for all except the pole position)?