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15-02-2016, 00:08
Ok,think i read about this somewhere on here months ago but couldn't find thread.

My T300RS has been working perfectly up until last week on seb loeb evo ps4, when i turn on the ps4 from the console the wheel now just keeps spinning left to right the only way to use the wheel is to have it fully left before turning on ps4 and then there is deaf something not right with the feedback and the wheel,very loud grinding and notchy feel to it now, thrust master have ask me to upload a video and photos of serial no sticker all good apart from i do not have the receipt as it was a gift! Will they repair it out of warranty? i.e i pay for repair or does anyone have any other suggestions?
same issue on all games,i have tried the firmware update (it was on the latest) and can't use boot loader as pc or mac will not find the wheel:confused:

I have purchased a S/H t500rs to use in the meantime but don't want a couple of hundred pounds worth of t300rs just sitting in the corner, just brought shifter and the evo rim as well:mad:

Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.Dot know if this video will play,was taken on iPhone ..not sure how to upload it.Sorry

/Users/neil/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/Thumbnails/2016/02/10/20160210-144414/KTn5G7fiS8GMvGydhUmIEw/thumb_IMG_0444_1024.jpg

15-02-2016, 19:36
T:confused:hanks for you help guys

15-02-2016, 20:02
Outside of Thrustmaster, there's not much anyone here can do to help you. I'm sure some folks have some opinions, but opinions aren't going to get your wheel fixed ;)

My suggestion would be to pursue the matter with Thrustmaster. Without a receipt, most manufacturers rely on manufacture date (which can usually be determined by the S/N) in order to make a determination on warranty repair.

Because of the way the wheel is behaving, and because the wheel isn't recognized by the PC, I'm thinking this is a controller board failure of some sort, rather than a motor/wheel sensor failure. Whether or not that is good or bad is unknown to me, sorry. You may have better luck with Ricmo Tech, but keep in mind that they are really in the business of supporting people who purchase their wheels through them.

Riccardo De Rosa
15-02-2016, 20:02
try here:


Raymond de Vries
15-02-2016, 22:31
try here:


I think this is the winning tip of today!!! Good luck!