View Full Version : [Solved] Cockpit Camera not aligned properly-center of car and not over the wheel

15-02-2016, 13:21
My cockpit camera view is stuck aligned in the center of car and not over the wheel. For example: if i'm driving a car with the steering wheel on the left my cockpit camera is aligned to the right in the center of the vehicle and not over the steering wheel. I can't see any of the gauges.

I've assigned buttons to move the cockpit camera but they don't work. Plus there is no option to adjust the x axis(left and right), just the y axis(up and down).

I haven't played in a month or so, but everything was fine before.

Can i get some help. Will deleting controller config file help?

15-02-2016, 13:24
That's not the cockpit cam you're describing. Assign a button to "cycle camera" and switch to the real cockpit (or helmet) cam.

15-02-2016, 13:25
I have that assigned and tried switching camera views. I will try again. Thanks!

15-02-2016, 13:32
Thanks again, you were right.