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15-02-2016, 18:28
Hi all,

When i first got this game, i thought it was great. Great graphics, great sound, loads of cars and tracks etc but the more i play, the less i am enjoying it.

I started out with the standard controller setup and with standard car setups doing a few quick races with different cars and tracks then moved on to career mode.

I started out with karts, no issues, great fun then did a few other races in a focus and a megane (i think), again great fun, no issues.

Ive now attempted a few racss with a porsche and audi and suddenly its like playing a different game. I suddenly have no car control and no pace.

Ive played with the controller settings and ive changed the setups too which has helped a bit but even if i manage to string together a half decent lap i cant get anywhere near the ai.

Its just so skittish and feels disconnected with the track (with warm tyres). The moment i touch the accelerator coming out of a corner i get wheel spin no matter how much tc i set or what sensitivity i set. Similarly, the wheels lock as soon as i touch the brake no matter how gentle i am.

Am i missing something, or do i need to invest more time?


18-02-2016, 03:55
I started back playing not too long ago. The controls seem fine to me. You just need to invest more time. Make sure you are using controller preset 3. It took me about a day to get use to the default setting. Once you get use to it you can then start fine tuning throttle/brake deadzone and sensitivity then move to steering.

18-02-2016, 12:32
Those cars are a bit more of a handful , some suspension , diff and brake adjustments make them a bit less difficult .

These guides helped me . Good luck but think of tuning as a big and fun but time consuming part of the game .

18-02-2016, 17:08
Thanks for the replies guys, i will keep at it.

In the meantime, i came across this thread...


...and found that the setup suggested by the op really helped with the twitchiness of the control and has given me a solid base to start from.

If anyone else is having similar issues, i suggest you try this!

21-02-2016, 05:58
My controller settings are as followed:

Steering/throttle/brake deadzone 16
Steering/throttle/brake sensitivity 39
Clutch deadzone and sensitivity 0
Speed sensitivity 70
Controller filtering sensitivity 30
Force feedback 100
Controller input mode 3
Advance ON
Soft steering dampening ON
Visual wheel filtering ON
Opposite lock help OFF

With these settings I was able to set the top time on a pad in a formula rookie at Oulton Park Island in time trial. I used the default setup. If I can figure how to use my setup in time trial I can easily knock off another second or two. Now keep in mind that I also use the right stick as throttle and brake instead of the trigger, a gran Turismo habit I refuse to break. I only race in the FR series but these settings work well for all the open wheel cars, GT3 and LMP1. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

21-02-2016, 12:42
Check out another thread & post: http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?21864-Dualshock-4-Controller-Settings-Problems-amp-Solutions&p=1203478&viewfull=1#post1203478

Wish I started fiddling with these settings 6 months ago, as it made the game much more driveable and a little bit less intense as I really had to work to keep the cars on the road when using the DualShock controller.

It seems that, for me at least, the biggest impact on control has playing around with the speed sensitivity and controller filtering sensitivity, that will allow you to use the full travel of the analogue stick at speed without getting a tank slapper. Before I was only giving extremely small nudges to the controller, now I can actually use it more like you would a steering wheel.

I put my controller settings to 0 on everything, except speed sensitivity at 50; controller filtering sensitivity at 75; FF at 100. Input mode 3; advanced on; soft steering on; visual filtering on; opposite lock help off.

It made a ton of difference, now suddenly I can race the RUF GT3 which before was far too twitchy for me to even finish a single proper lap.