View Full Version : This happens very often on this track

Alexandre Bardet
15-02-2016, 17:35
Is this the type of stuff that can still be fixed or not really?


Like it says on the title, this happens very, very often on that track with the R8 and the DBR1-2 specially.

Scuderia Paul
15-02-2016, 22:19
Just tried a race at Circuit de la Sarthe after installing v9.0 and that very thing happened, yet again, in that location. Also, exiting Tetre Rouge at that circuit can see AI crash and abruptly stop in an explosion of carbon fibre although it is not as frequent as the Porsche Curves issue.

Alexandre Bardet
16-02-2016, 06:12
Yes when a R8 or a DBR1-2 go over the outer kurbs at the exit of Tetre Rouge sometimes it causes them to flip away like at the porshe curves or like you said can just behave erratically and then have to stop, causing chain-reaction accidents. I've seen it happen also at the dunlop chicannes.

I just hope the nature of this issue fits the type of issues they are still willing to fix.

16-02-2016, 07:11
It has been forwarded to the devs.

Alexandre Bardet
29-02-2016, 11:41
Im sorry to bring up this thread again, but I just want to display some more data for the devs in case they want to fix this.

This one I witnessed what happened to the AI from start to finish and I'm driving the TS040 which offers better vision.

These two are part of the same, the first shows the accident from my point of view. The second is a replay of the AI car itself in slow motion. It should be the most interesting to watch and the one that should provide the best notion of the issue.

Alexandre Bardet
07-03-2016, 21:35
Got 2 new situations (chicane Maison Blanche and virage du Tertre Rouge) that happened on my last endurance race vs the AI:

Deep into the night, hard rain, almost no tires, moving through backmarkers and under pressure from rear opponent and suddenly the car I am trying to catch decides to fly out and try to kill me:

Watch the yellow marrek:

Apart from these I am yet to post a picture or video of it but the Aston Martin DBR1-2 LMP1 constantly goes slightly airborne for a moment right in the middle of the mulsanne straight sections and at indianapolis.

08-03-2016, 09:43
I think this is a similar bug as the "suspension" bug that is connected to the R8V10 that when the car bottom hits the ground it suddenly stops and goes to neutral gear - happens on several tracks when the bottom hits the track or a curb etc. - the following examples are from Bannochbrae:

Track cam:


Cockpit view with telemetry:


Sometimes it seems that when a cars bottom hits the "floor" (tarmack, curbs, offtrack, ...) something gets over some internal limits and then the physics of the suspension or the whole car goes wild ... results are: jumping in the air, rolling over, coming to a sudden stop etc.