View Full Version : how many watts t300 ferrari alcantara edition have ??

16-02-2016, 16:23
hi guys,
i just bought thrustmaster t300 ferrari alcantara edition 100-125v from amazon.com & my country use 220-240v ..
so i need to know how many watts does this draw for convector ?

16-02-2016, 16:44
Just a heads up, cross-posting is (generally) frowned upon. Looks like this is posted in three separate forums :/

Have a look on the bottom of your wheel. There should be a label that provides the power supply specifications. My T300RS Ferrari Alcantara says:

100-125V @ 1.6A

Since watts are equal to volts * amps, we can see that the T300RS requires 200 watts maximum. You'll want to provide some margin for overhead though. I would purchase a 350 watt converter, so that you're only drawing a little more than half at maximum power draw. That will make sure your converter lasts a long time, and your wheel will never be under powered.

16-02-2016, 16:47
I've removed your other 2 threads. Just one will do.

16-02-2016, 16:49
thank you so much :) & i will remove the other two posts sorry

06-12-2016, 20:47
Just wondered how you got on with sourcing a converter? And it's being doing the job with no problems?
I've just discovered I'm going to have the same problem as I bought from amazon USA thinking I'm saving but the cost of the converter is now making my saving very minimal.
The converter I'm looking at costs $200 nz dollars. Thanks in advance.

07-12-2016, 16:29
1.21 Gigawatts

08-12-2016, 05:06
You need to also be sure the frequency difference won't cause a problem (50Hz vs 60Hz?).
Extra juice from your converter should be ok.
I think there was a thread by Shinzah about a similar issue.

@Ricochet not sure if you have Jaycar over there but their converters aren't half bad apparently. You might find a bargain there.

08-12-2016, 21:01
Thanks mate, will check at Jaycar. Yes the hz does concern me a little, it will make it run hotter but should be ok from what I've been reading. Would be nice to chat with someone that has done this before I spend more money and still wreak it.