View Full Version : [Solved] Can't change tyres when pit box

16-02-2016, 20:11
Just pit in a long race to find out that, no matter what I do, pit crew won't change my tyres (won't don anything to be more precise). Neither loading a setup nor editing it on the fly (single player). Nothing works.

I remember I didn't have this problem in previous versions. Known bug or something?. Am I doing something wrong now?

Joe Moore
16-02-2016, 22:20
^^ have you set your pit stop strategy to change tyres, maybe it is ticked ?
It's working for me last time I tried yesterday.

17-02-2016, 07:33
yeah It's ticked, and made before a race as I said. It's a preset I made. Neither this works nor editing on the fly (single player). By the way I must be ticked by using the mouse lol. You can't select it with your controller (360 controller here)

Help? anyone? what am I doing wrong?

17-02-2016, 09:17
omg i found the mistake. I didn't activate the very "change tyres = no; symm; assy". It was set to no..

such an embarrassment haha. Mods please bury this topic under the sand

17-02-2016, 09:35
Thread stickied. :p


Title updated.