View Full Version : Resolved: problems installing dlc

16-02-2016, 21:18
Hi, i am having trouble installing dlc's that i have recently purchased for ps4. In the downloads section of notifications the dlc shows as awaiting install but nothing else happens. I have tried renewing licences and i have also reinstalled the game but still nothing happens. I am on version 9 but the problem occured whilst still on version 8. Any suggestions will be greatfully received. The game was installed from disc but i can't imagine that dlc's would only work on the digital version, at least I hope that's not the case.

Edit: I have just read a thread detailing how this problem is caused by having a USA disk on a uk ps4 & psn being region locked for the dlc. The fix is to create a US psn account for the free dlc's but how can i get the paid dlc's to work or have i just wasted 14. not happy if thats the case.

19-02-2016, 14:59
Quick update. I contacted Amazon where the disk was bought and arranged for it to be swapped. New disk arrived yesterday and after installing it all the dlc installed and is now working. On the downside I have lost my saved data but never mind at least my paid for content is available now. Time to put some serious track time in.