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Ch1ps N Queso
16-02-2016, 22:54

North America - Crew Chief Required - No Assists - 100% Wheel Users - Sunday Nights
Safety Cars - Varied Weather - Member Driven Community - Fast and Clean Driver Lineup

Who are we?

We're laid back adults that place a focus on a small community rather than a large community with a multitude of events throughout the week. Our main focus is Sunday night racing. We limit our community to North Americans in an effort to limit rage inducing race night lag. We love everyone around the globe, we just don't like cars flying around the track. We use wheels. We don't allow assists. We have varied skill levels. Although we have a basic website/forum the best part of our group is the league chat. It helps keep the group tight knit. It's a great way to spend the work day!

What we're looking for

No assists wheel users that live in North America, have a mic, a stable wired connection, crew chief, and Sunday night availability. If you're still using some assists please come by and we'll help get rid of them for you.

Our Race Weekends - Sunday Nights

8:15 Eastern - Optional Practice

9:05 Eastern until 11ish Eastern - Quali and Racing

Season 11 Format - Round 1 is May 15th

Outside of our Round 1 Nordschleife event we'll being running a Sprint/Feature format with the Group 5 cars. Team Ford and Team BMW will square off for the team title with an exciting format twist. Instead of traditional quali, our Sprint race will set the grid for the Feature event. Starting position for the Sprint will use reverse standings. Last place starts P1, first place starts last. Final positioning in the Sprint race will be the starting order for the Feature race. Here are a few basic details.

Sprint Race - 15-20 Minutes - No Safety Cars - Performance Impacting Damage w. Failures - Fewer Points Handed Out

Feature Race - 60-70 Minutes - Safety Cars - Full Damage w. Failures - Full Points

Season 11 Schedule

Round 1 - May 15th -120 Minutes of the Nordscleife
In-game date: 6/19/16 - Local Start Time: 3PM (10x Progression)

Round 2 - May 22nd - Oschersleben
In-game date: 6/26/16 - Local Start Time: 11AM Sprint/3PM Feature

Round 3 - May 29th - Brno (Adverse Weather Event)
In-game date: 7/3/16 - Local Start Time: 11AM Sprint/3PM Feature

Round 4 - June 5th - Catalunya (Night Racing)
In-game date: 7/10/16 - Local Start Time: 5PM Sprint/9PM Feature (2x Progression for Feature)

Round 5 - June 12th - Imola
In-game date: 7/17/16 - Local Start Time: 11AM Sprint/3PM Feature

Round 6 - June 19th - Brands Hatch (Adverse Weather Event)
In-game date: 7/24/16 - Local Start Time: 11AM Sprint/3PM Feature

Round 7 - June 26th - Monza (Dusk Finish)
In-game date: 7/31/16 - Local Start Time: 3PM Sprint/7PM Feature (2x Progression for Feature)

Round 8 -July 3rd - Zhuhai
In-game date: 8/14/16 - Local Start Time: 11AM Sprint/3PM Feature

PCRALeague.com is where you can join us. Please post here, PM me, or post on our forum with any questions.

Thanks for looking.

Ch1ps N Queso
16-02-2016, 23:07
duplicate post

Ch1ps N Queso
21-02-2016, 23:47
Still need some new N. American drivers. We have a pretty fast group of no assists racers if you're looking for a challenge. The schedule has been completed. Working out the details on weather and starting times and then I'll post it on the site.

Umer Ahmad
29-02-2016, 15:27
Good racing last night. Fair driving all around. Looking forward to the next round!

Ch1ps N Queso
29-02-2016, 16:11
It was very good racing! Requiring Crew Chief allowed all drivers to navigate the field with confidence. Not only that, the added realism that Mr. Belowski brings with his fantastic app made the experience that much more immersive. Kudos to everyone for driving clean and hard.

In other news the final schedule has been posted for Season 10. You can find it in the opening post or on our forum. If you're looking for a solid group of adults to drive with please PM me or visit us at PCRALeague.com.

Thanks for looking.

Ch1ps N Queso
29-02-2016, 16:49
Updated opening post with our Season 10 Schedule. Round 1 is March 13th.

For what it's worth this is not only a racing league, it's a small community of guys that have fun during the week chatting about random shiz in our group chat. We're a very active group of adults with varied interests. If you're looking for a group adults to race and have some laughts with, join us.

01-03-2016, 08:29
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01-03-2016, 22:51
Just a quick video of some good racing at our Warmup at Silverstone GP


Ch1ps N Queso
03-03-2016, 18:15
After spending some time with the Indy Car the group has decided to switch paths and jump right into open wheel racing for Season 10. With that said Season 10 has been pushed back one week. Round 1 will take place at Sonoma National on March 13th. The group will be doing a warmup race at Zolder on March 6th.

If you're intersted in joining a group of fast and clean drivers where you have a say in how things are run, please stop by or send me a PM.

Thanks for looking.

03-03-2016, 23:41
I never seen a safety car in Project Cars, or a way to set rain percentages in a race. How are you able to have the game do it.???

Ch1ps N Queso
04-03-2016, 02:15
I never seen a safety car in Project Cars, or a way to set rain percentages in a race. How are you able to have the game do it.???

The game will not do it. We use our imagination to create an environment that somewhat replicates real life. In our league the drivers do not know the weather for the race until about an hour before Quali. I use a random number generator to determine the weather based on the weather percentage. A typical 1-100 spread might look like this for a race.

Clear - 1-23
Light Cloud - 24-37
Medium Cloud - 38-51
Heavy Cloud - 52-62
Overcast -63-74
Light Rain - 75-79
Rain - 80-84
Storm 85-87
TStorm -88-89
Fog - 90-91
Heavy Fog - 91-92
Fog w. Rain - 93-94
Heavy Fog w. Rain - 95-97
Hazy - 98-100

This helps create a little bit of unknown for each weekend. The vast majority of races are still dry, but when we get the heavy fog w. rain or thunderstorm it brings some extra energy to the night.

As for safety cars we have our own system that we use to replicate them. It seems to work well for us.

If you're interested in finding out more please join us.

Ch1ps N Queso
07-03-2016, 14:02
Round 1 is quickly approaching for Season 10 (March 13th).

Umer Ahmad
14-03-2016, 01:57
Good race boys. Sorry about that first caution, PC went black screen and had to drop out to task manager to get back into the game. Does that sometimes, not sure why.

Videos coming up shortly.

Ch1ps N Queso
14-03-2016, 19:00
Good race boys. Sorry about that first caution, PC went black screen and had to drop out to task manager to get back into the game. Does that sometimes, not sure why.

Videos coming up shortly.

No worries. Terrible timing for me though as it wiped out my well earned lead.

I'm looking forward to Round 2 but I'm not sure my one arm and auto gears will work as well at Laguna. Hoping for the best though!

If any North Americans are looking for a Sunday night league we are just underway with Season 10. We're in need of some fast guys as this one armed ace with a broken collarbone just won the first round. Please do join us!

15-03-2016, 16:12
Good times at Sonoma, felt good to finally start the season. And I cant complain about grabbing P2. On to Laguna!

23-03-2016, 10:29
PCRA is doing a special Event for Easter, "24 hours" of Bannochbrae in GT3 cars. Visit the Site and get in touch if your interested, there are spots open for the Indycar Season as well. Sundays at 9est No assists, Wheel Users. All North American group, all good dudes and clean racers that have been racing together for multiple seasons.

31-03-2016, 11:37
Indycar season continues at Sakitto GP this week, still plenty of spots available for people to join. get in touch!

31-03-2016, 13:12
Hmmm I'd be interested in some Indy @ Sakitto GP. Where do I sign-up?

Ch1ps N Queso
01-04-2016, 21:22
Hmmm I'd be interested in some Indy @ Sakitto GP. Where do I sign-up?

I'll send you a PM now, sir.

04-04-2016, 11:02
Great Race last night, despite all the damn rain and the getting stuck in the Pits! Got realllll slippery towards the end, Ch1ps made the right choice putting a ton of Aero on. Like to Welcome Beetes juice, Dale, and Mohawk Man to the group! Looking forward to having you guys with us going forward!

Will try and get some Pics/Videos up soon!

I know Beetes has a nice Gif of my spin towards the end :stupid:

04-04-2016, 16:46
What Raven said x10

First race with these guys. Hammered with storm conditions for 40+ laps, rain spray (need to get a video up as it was nuts following the position ahead), yellow flags, no assists Indy.......man oh man. THAT WAS FUN.

Had a few issues with the pits. Past experience with this in leagues is racers blowing up, disconnect rage, etc. Not a fun atmosphere to be in. Last night everyone just stayed calm, worked through the problem, and ended up finishing the race night on a high note.

Anyone looking for a group to run with in North America. Highly recommend giving these guys a chance. Fast, respectable, and just a plain old good time.

Can't wait for next weekend.

05-04-2016, 11:27
Sorta kills the drama since there is no Spray in the Replay. But heres a lap in the storm chasing Jesup, with Beetes_juice in hot pursuit.


Ch1ps N Queso
08-04-2016, 20:52
Practicing for Round 4 in time trial. 1:20.2xx. Go beat it and then join us for some Sunday night racing.


11-04-2016, 15:49
Round 4: Indy Car @ Hockenheimring GP
Full Race and Comms

1080 - 60FPS
BeetesJuice POV


Lost Geek to a monster crash on the first lap :(

Overall, exciting race. Wonder if I could have picked up some time with a splash and go on the last stop. Anyway, awesome racing. Can't wait for next weekend.

11-04-2016, 16:27
Hell of a Race, some early calamity but after that it was pretty smooth sailing, and Fuel became the issue towards the end. I had to do a splash n dash just to make it the final 8 or so, good thing I decided to roll the dice and keep my tires too or I would've been too far behind to catch and Pas RX when he had to Pit in. Fun stuff, next week should be more of the same!

Ch1ps N Queso
14-04-2016, 14:36
Round 5 at Bugatti goes green in a few days. Please stop in and finish up Season 10 with us all while having a say in what we run during Season 11.

15-04-2016, 13:53
Totally forgot to post this in here as well.


18-04-2016, 14:50
Just a sample of the nice racing we had last night. Overall a really fun, clean race, even though I lost the podium on the last 2 damn laps!! :apthy:


18-04-2016, 20:25
^Sweating bullets the entire time following. Two wide through the chicane...LOL.

Think Pest said this last night but kinda awesome to see the P2P actually used for a pass.

Anyway, here is the entire race from my POV with comms:


An eventful race to say the least. Video is still processing but will add a 'table of contents' in the description.

15:30 is the lap in Raven's video above.

Can't wait for Spa :p

19-04-2016, 11:05
Just an all out "dogfight" for 3rd all race, until I took that shallow line in turn one and got that bump for the track cut. Brutal. Good race though, the safety car really changed my whole mindset, being able to come in and top up allowed me to forget about fuel mileage lol, I should've saved more P2P for the very end, I needed a little more oomph to catch Beetes up after that goddamn track cut.

27-04-2016, 14:43
Here is my replay from Spa:


Another good race. Little laid back this time around with such a large track and not having a safety car. Star of race was intense but settled down fast.

Wish I had a little more downforce. Battled major understeer in mid/high speed corners. May have helped with the bus stop as I spun it there twice during the race.

Anyway, hopefully can make next Sunday as Watkins Glen should be a blast with the Indycar.

Ch1ps N Queso
28-04-2016, 19:49
Updated the opening post with our Season 11 details. We currently have 15+ drivers signed up for the campaign. If you're interested in joining a fast but laid back North American community, check us out.

02-05-2016, 19:41
Here is my replay from Watkins Glen:


Tough track for the Indycar and that showed with the amount of incidents we had :o. No yellows but a good amount of pit stops to fix damage which mixed the field up...think myself and Chips were the only ones to not pit for damage.

Season finally is next weekend at Road America. :yes:

Ch1ps N Queso
02-05-2016, 20:38
That was a fun race. Quali was very intense. P1 was a 22.6, P2 22.8, P3 22.8, and then really close down the grid. Looking forward to a good finale in Wisconsin.

Ch1ps N Queso
09-05-2016, 03:40
Ginetta GT4 starts 5/15 with 120 minutes around the Nordschleife. Details in the opening post.

Ch1ps N Queso
09-05-2016, 17:39
Our group is now using Discord for Text and Voice chat. If any groups out there are looking for a great mobile/pc tool to keep their group engaged, try it out.

10-05-2016, 11:18
My replay Highlights from our Indycar Finale at Road America, great racing, and happy to seal up 3rd place in the standings with the Win!


10-05-2016, 12:08
And here is my replay of the race.


Need to place above ^^^^^ that guy to beat him in the standings....got pole and went downhill from there. lol. Great win Raven and exciting race.

10-05-2016, 12:09
The pressure got to you Beetes.

12-05-2016, 03:52
It was a great Indycar season. Congrats to Chips for defending his title.

I am excited for the upcoming Ginetta Season!

Ch1ps N Queso
13-05-2016, 16:15
It was a great Indycar season. Congrats to Chips for defending his title.

I am excited for the upcoming Ginetta Season!

It was a season I'll boast about to my friend's grandkids when I'm old. I'll never forget you running out of fuel on the last lap of Round 1 to let me slide through with one arm and auto gears for the victory!!! What a feeling.