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17-02-2016, 16:26
Hi, I have something like 120hours in this game, 99% off those in career mode. But now im kind off tired that I don't get the car-track combination I want in career mode, like I love LMP1 but then I miss Imola, Silverstone, Donnington, Dubai, ''Suzuka'' etc etc. So im not complaining about that(apart from the choise to have Monaco in LMP1 I find stupid...) but just wonder if there is a place where you can check differant series race calanders instead off starting a new career? Like a place on the interner or something...

And I know this game is not ''mod friendly'' and im sure the dev's have there reasons for that, but what about make it possible for us to change the race calender for career mode? I don't see what the problem with that should be since it' not real licensed series where they won't allow that(like F1 games etc)...

17-02-2016, 16:35
The thread below lists the track layouts used in career events, it doesn't have all of them but it should be helpful:


There was talk about custom championships in solo mode but I don't think that will be available in PCars1.

17-02-2016, 19:07
Ok, thanks. I see that I simply wont get a car-track combination I like no matter what... Endurance championship: good tracks but can't use Audi R18 e-tron. LMP1: Can use R18 e-tron but lack many tracks... :P

17-02-2016, 20:21
It's certainly not mod-friendly, but it can be done.

I've got the career championship binary mapped out to the point where I can at least *change* track, time of day, weather conditions (though not the number of them). Tested with the Formula C USA series - moved the first race from Sonoma to Road America and changed the weather conditions to fog and rain. Changing the entry vehicles I believe is done through some other files, which I'm starting on now. All of this is done via hex-editing though, it's not for the feint of heart; unless myself or someone else writes up a GUI to make it easier to customize.

*Adding* events, sessions, or weather slots is a whole other story, will be very tedious to figure a way to do that from the binaries.

17-02-2016, 22:35
So it is possible to change tracks in championships? how?

18-02-2016, 05:33
Right now the only way is some ugly hex editing. The files are binary, so you're viewing and modifying bytes and you need to understand the structure of the file and what bytes do what.

On the plus side, while investigating this, I've managed to get the Toyota into the Endurance series:



Getting the other DLC cars into the Endurance series would be a trivial mod. Can someone tell me which cars are missing? Is it just the TS040 and the R18 etron Quattro?