View Full Version : Wheel degree limitation

17-02-2016, 21:35
I want to use my g27 wheel about 540 degrees for gt3 or road cars. but want to use as real degrees for formula or lmp cars.
can i make instant limitation via logitech profiler?
i am using pcars with specific profile with profiler.

Jussi Viljami Karjalainen
17-02-2016, 22:03
You don't need to adjust the wheel range limitations at all. All of the cars have a maximum steering lock that's based on the suspension geometry, fender clearance etc. and the game will automatically limit the steering range on all cars based on the steering lock of the car and the steering ratio in the setup. that means you will always have a realistic amount of steering wheel range. You can always leave the wheel calibrated to 900 degrees, the game will handle the rest.