View Full Version : pCars Triple screen support?

17-02-2016, 22:47
Whenever I try my eyefinity setup the image is getting stretched and is looking terrible.

Any solution?

17-02-2016, 23:57
Nope sorry

18-02-2016, 00:44
pCars doesn't officially support triples but I think it looks good regardless, still very immersing. What is your FOV set to?

18-02-2016, 05:43
too hard so put back to pcars 2

18-02-2016, 10:06
if they don't support tripple Monitors, why can you see that on their homepage?
There is no "sorry, we failed, but this screens look cool, so we won't delete it"


Yes right. It's really "beyond reality"

18-02-2016, 10:09
PCARS does support triple screens (otherwise you couldn't use them). It just doesn't have individual rendering for every screen.

18-02-2016, 12:55
It does supports wide/triple screen resolution but handles it badly.
Most cockpits looks fine but open-wheelers and LMP machines looks very bad.
I know that it is impossible to create such a model that has no distortion on widescreen display, but with the multiple screen and relatively low FoV it is possible.
Like iRacing. That's what pCARS is missing and that's what OP is mentioning I think.

Source : http://www.silverball-magic.com/my-stuff/Field_of_View_Explained.pdf

18-02-2016, 14:47
Ok, that's enough. At the end of the day, pCARS supports triple screens. You can use triple screens with it, and I've been doing it since 2011. The type of support may not be what everyone would like, but saying pCARS doesn't have support for triple monitors is in fact, incorrect.

What is fact is that pCARS does not support individual rendering of each monitor for multiple monitor support.