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18-02-2016, 00:18
Is there anywhere or way that lap times are recorded for each car and track that can be viewed external to the game?

I find it disappointing that I cant look at a car & track combo and see the best time I have posted either internally or externally

18-02-2016, 00:37

18-02-2016, 01:13
What Charger said and they are also in-game.

18-02-2016, 01:14

That's only good if you have raced online from what I can see at quick glance..

I don't often drive online and mostly do quick races

18-02-2016, 01:24
You have to enter TT and do the laps. Does not upload laps from QRW/Practice/Quali. TT mode has set conditions on each track + stricter track limits compared to the other game modes.

N0body Of The Goat
18-02-2016, 06:54
That's only good if you have raced online from what I can see at quick glance..

I don't often drive online and mostly do quick races

Like all leaderboard stats, it is only TT and Community Events.

Online times were never included because a majority (excluding me) voted that online laptimes would be skewed too much by slipstreaming (false/unfair times)... Yet here we are ~9 months after retail release with damage, mechanical damage and tyre wear all being options to turn off for leaderboard stats, Alanis Morissette felt the need to go back in time and release a song ("Ironic")!:eagerness:

18-02-2016, 08:37
They really do need to apply the strict cutting / extending to cover all sessions, and not just TT mode!!!

18-02-2016, 09:18
I think the way it is handled right now makes sense. Respecting track limits isn't always possible in race situations, may it be because you need space for overtaking, maybe because someone is cutting into your line and you have to react or because you just get pushed off the track. So it's perfectly alright to have them less restricted than in time trial.
Additionally TT is run in the same enviroment for everyone, parameters like date, time of the day and temperature and weather are locked, other than in races or free practise where it's up to you when you want to race. Especially temperature has an influence of times and even though the difference might be very small and drivers like myself with limited skill propably won't even notice that all of that has an influence on the resulting times.

However, I'd like to see the best times achieved in quick races / career / basically everything else than TT stored somewhere or taken as a placeholder (not uploaded to the leaderboards maybe) until a valid time in TT is set.

18-02-2016, 15:46
I track my own in a spreadsheet, see my signature for a link to my calculator this includes a database where I store my times. You could always use vrHive as this records all your sessions so a look in that particular screen would show best laps too