View Full Version : Cheats and Crazy Taxi drivers

Pops Racer
18-02-2016, 15:44
You all know the feeling, tight corner coming up and you are right on the line at the right speed. Your setup for the car finally has that "edge" you been working towards and you are going pick up that position ahead!
Then, "Bam!!!" The guy behind has no sense and plows into you. So you pick the bits and try to forge on only to run into the next guy who magically tucks between your wheels giving you a nice flip under braking
The other fun type actually uses you are a braking aid and sails through after dumping you in the grass.

I want a better grading system!!!!
Can we not separate the wall hits and car impacts? Or best yet log the various types of hits during a race!!.
The point being that you driving a clean race and bouncing a wall a few times is far less an infraction than say bouncing your FRONT BUMPER on the REAR and SIDES of every other car on the track.
Also let us start marking who left mid-race as a return to lobby or a disconnect. This would be fair to those with Internet issues while marking those who leave to keep from losing.
Finally, use the better grading system to clearly mark players and races hosted by players that have a poor social rating.
I like close tight racing and mistakes get made and most of the online folk are good racers who are talented enough to hold a line or give a position rather than wreck.
The grading system should hold these clean and courteous drivers in the highest regard and pitch perks or swag to those who keep and maintain high standards.
Maybe icons that unlock or are removed as we go up and down in social ratings.
And can we get an ipad app for the engineer app?
Also gave the 1200hp radbull another chance and it still is very poor...i give up on it.

18-02-2016, 15:53
Maybe for pCARS2, nothing as such will be added to pC1 anymore.

As for the Radbull, it's not "very poor", but mad and challenging :). Also, lowering the rear tyre pressures makes it much better controllable in drifts.

19-02-2016, 06:29
I think grading systems are stupid and pointless. Just race with people you know and trust to race clean. That is why I don't race online because non of my friends that I trust to race clean have moved beyond GT6!! Sure there would be an occasional idiot come along, but they were always removed pronto. If GT sport and 7 are anything like they were in PS3 that will be a great game :D