View Full Version : Alternative replay control functions ??

19-02-2016, 15:39
The current replay mode is to simplified if you compare it with for example the replay mode of Assetto Corsa.

Is there any solution to make it better? More camera positions, any freecam, in other words better control over the camera's?
I love to make some nice video's of project cars, but the current replay functions prevents me from doing...

Any help/tips are welcome !

19-02-2016, 17:03
Nope, sadly replays are poorly made...

El Nano
19-02-2016, 18:05
Only the AC replay better? :) In the R3E was also much better the replay. And the rFactor, and go on... This is a worst replay what i seen.

20-02-2016, 07:57
+1 for me just being able to turn off the spring to rear of the car when moving & slow motion (so i can learn how the car physics works). Not sure why it would be so hard to add in an update.