View Full Version : [ANSWERED] Do tyre pressure change even when you don't change tyres in pitstop?

19-02-2016, 16:03
I mean I don't wanna change tyres at all. The option is set to "No"

But you do have slides to each tyre to set the pressure. I thought that since I didn't specify a tyre change the tyre pressures adjustment wouldn't make any effect.

From some experience it seems that they do adjust your tyre pressures even when you don't change tyres in the pit. Is this correct? I have never seen a team crew messing with the ongoing pressure of a tyre in the pits in real life.

Umer Ahmad
19-02-2016, 16:17
yes, you can change pressures without changing out the whole tyres.

Team do this in real life sometimes too.

So if you do NOT want to change pressures than make sure you have the correct pressure settings in your setup EVEN IF YOU HAVE "CHANGE TYRES = NO"

19-02-2016, 16:32
Thanks Umer!

19-02-2016, 21:14
This is actually great information. Thanks Umer... it explains why my McLaren F1 would go to hell after the first pitstop in the 3 Hour Race. I wasn't changing tires but the pressures were set to "Default"... which I think was the maximum allowed pressure... regardless, way to much actual pressure for that car. I'd come out of the pit, tiptoe around my first lap to warm them up (as you have to do unless you're an AI car), and then... be left with an oversteering beast.

This totally explains what's happening!