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Greg p
21-02-2016, 16:59
Hi guys
I've just joined the forum. Can anyone help me please I've bought myself a Thrustmaster t500rs wheel to use on projects cars & on ETS too plus when I get my wife old computer which is a windows 10 pc to use is there any updates or other things to do before using the Thrustmaster t500rs wheel & shifter. As i'm not very patience with technology plus all I really wont to do is plug the Thrustmaster in & play project cars ets or f1 2015. If anyone on line on multiple player & can anyone teach me a few thing would be great sorry but I'm not Lewis Hamilton plus if you won't me to join a project clan sorry I carnt as i'm a shift worker so I'm not always going to be on line.
Thanks Greg

Krus Control
21-02-2016, 18:38
One of the first things you should do is to configure force feedback for your wheel. This usually goes way over people's heads. It gets very complicated if you delve into the settings. But if you get it configured correctly, it will drop your jaw more so than the graphics. Here is a link to the settings that I use:


Baalberith NL
22-02-2016, 16:16
Update the firmware to the latest version, u need probably to create an account on the homepage of TM.
Is an easy thing to do actually, Wont take too much time.