View Full Version : Logitech G29 Issues with DLC?

21-02-2016, 17:05
I'm wondering if anyone else has had any issues with some of the DLC and the G29. While doing a free practice at Spa with the Ford Falcon V8, my wheel abruptly started pulling very hard to the right. I decided to keep driving and had to pull hard to the left to control the vehicle on the straights (ironically, it was actually kind of fun when tackling the sweeping right hand turns on the circuit). Then, it just stopped, pulled slightly to the right for a split second and went back to normal. I drove a few laps and noticed that the wheel pulled hard to the right for about the same amount of time but at different sections of the circuit, progressively earlier and earlier. At the other end, it returned to normal earlier and earlier as well.

I actually experienced something similar with the Mazda Radbul on the Scottish track, but I didn't continue driving, chalking it up to a random bug.

Anyone seen this kind of behavior?


21-02-2016, 17:07
No, I have G29 and all DLC, not such issues,

21-02-2016, 17:13
I've not had any issues with dlc, good luck sorting it.

21-02-2016, 17:18
No issues here either.

21-02-2016, 17:43
Are you running a high amount of relative adjust bleed? I think that can cause loss of centre, which might return after another turn or two.