View Full Version : T150 disconnect mid corner [video]

22-02-2016, 23:39

just posting a problem I had tonight while doing an hour race at Sonoma GP in Solo race mode. As the video showed my controller (T150 wheel) just disconnected mid-corner :(

I tried the unplug and plug back in but nothing so had to do the last 20mins with the DS4 and I was rubbish. I've never really had to many problems with the game since release but since patch 9.0 I've had a game crash and now this, it's a little annoying


23-02-2016, 14:39
Why does the car pull to the left violently?

25-02-2016, 14:52
Why does the car pull to the left violently?

I'm assuming that's the controller (wheel) when it disconnected

16-03-2016, 10:20
This happened again to me last night, was driving McLaren GT3 at Nordschleife very annoying

20-03-2016, 23:18
last night I had this problem several times. When I stopped using my USB headphones I had no disconnects anymore. Are you using a usb device while using the wheel?

21-03-2016, 16:26
last night I had this problem several times. When I stopped using my USB headphones I had no disconnects anymore. Are you using a usb device while using the wheel?

No I only had the wheel plugged into USB, the controller lead was plugged in too but nothing connected to it

03-04-2016, 21:51
and it's happened again!

this time an hour race at Silverstone GP in Clio cup car it lasted 54mins the last 6 mins I completed on the pad.

anyone got any ideas why this happens really started to ruin my experience as I have to set the wheel and everything up each time I play.

03-04-2016, 22:32
My mate has a T150 and has the same thing by your description. He thinks it could be heat related as it happens after a similar amount of time each time. I suggested turning the feedback down as a test but not sure where he's at with this.

Where the T300 just reduces feedback, we wondered whether this just shuts down. Can you check it in any other games to see if its just pCars?

04-04-2016, 08:29
That's an interesting theory it does only seem to happen when I do longer races but doesn't happen at Le Mans or Monza (less steering input). Looks like I need to do shorter races and maybe an email to thrustmaster.

13-03-2017, 16:23
I'm still having this issue, it appears on longer races only 45min to 1hr and only seems to happen in project cars, I tested it with a long race on Assetto Corsa today and all was fine. Does anyone have a solution as it's really ruins my experience. I still love project cars but really want to race up to and past an hour but I just can't at the moment

Roger Prynne
13-03-2017, 20:24
It definitely sounds like overheating to me.

14-03-2017, 01:14
It definitely sounds like overheating to me.

any ideas how I can solve this, obviously I would set a fan up or should I turn the FFB down a bit.
Or should I contact Thrustmaster?

15-03-2017, 04:48
Those first two strategies are a good place to start - let us know the outcome.

20-03-2017, 10:05
Update: Finally had a chance to test T150 again. I drove the Mclaren GT3 at Donnington for 1hr race this is the same as my last disconnect.

I turned the master FFB from 32 to 10, I managed a full hour of racing no problem however the feedback was extremely light, I managed to get the hang of it but it just wasn't the same. for my next test I'm going to clamp my wheel to laptop cooling tray thing and try that at FFB 32.

At least I can play without fear of disconnect for a bit.

22-03-2017, 01:08
When driving, you can adjust the HUD detail to show telemetry. Up the top you can see the FFB output strength as a live graph. The ideal situation as I understand it, is to have large enough spikes instead of tiny squiggles so that you feel stronger feedback when hitting kerbs or crashing, but you don't want those lines disappearing beyond the top of the graph (signal clipping). There are many threads/posts that you can look for to get more detailed info.

My steering wheel came with a fan built into it, so you may want to investigate that as a potential solution as well.