View Full Version : Force Feedback Bug

23-02-2016, 09:51
This Bug only appears if I restart a race and can be fixed in most of the cases if I restart the race again. I am using a Thrustmaster T150 Wheel. At a certain angle of the wheel I get a slight rumble but no feel at all in the wheel. On the straights or very light angles it feels normal. It happens on different cars, but I had it mostly on the Formula A car. I am using Jack Spades classic settings for my Force Feedback.

23-02-2016, 11:24
It happens sometimes on my t100 too mate, just get a light grainy sort of feel.. Ruins races for me sometimes..

23-02-2016, 14:35
Like this?


24-02-2016, 14:45
I think this must be it. But in my case it is not strong at all, just a slight rumble with no feel at all.

24-02-2016, 15:03
Would always happen to me if I drove out during a warm-up session of a QRW/Online Race. If I drove out during warm-up, then went to race, I would start the race with the wheel "chatting". Happens sometimes in TT if I go off track and the wheel is high in FFB output, pause, and restart session. The restart would have me with the FFB chatting.

Anyway, its a pain. Don't think we will see a fix in pc1 but can take measures to prevent it from happening....for myself, stay in pits during warm-up and if I do get the bug in any other game mode I just restart the session or wheel.

24-02-2016, 17:57
I seem to always get a very slack wheel the first time I join a race. So I have to go back out and then join again and then my saved wheel settings work.......every bleeding time I play Project Cars!

25-02-2016, 17:56
What i do that hasnt failed me yet is unplug and replug the usb cable to recalibrate when the countdown timer starts jusprior to the race starting. If do it with about 15 seconds left on the timer. Works for me every time.