View Full Version : Strange livery on BMW 320 Gr5

24-02-2016, 01:07
Last two days I have seen this odd livery on the Bmw 320 Gr5 car. Canīt choose it in garage but seen cars in online race using it.
What is it? (PS4)


24-02-2016, 01:30
It's maybe one of the new ones that's somehow made it online!

24-02-2016, 02:32
Looks like it might be part of this month's livery pack. Looks good, really good.

24-02-2016, 02:49
...Looks good, really good.

i concur. it almost looks like it belongs in the BMW art car project where they let famous artists design paint jobs for BMWs. (im not saying it's part of that collection, just saying it reminds of them) Warhol did one (maybe a couple?), Lichtenstein did one, etc etc.