View Full Version : Free apps?

25-02-2016, 04:42
Are there any free apps like crew chief or Pcars dash for Pcars on PS4?

25-02-2016, 04:52
Hud Dash is free although limited, well that's wchat i have, but you can also run crew chief on a PC connected to the same network your PS4 is on, this works nicely

25-02-2016, 05:32
There's also Pock Race trainer

25-02-2016, 08:38
The PC version of Crew Chief isn't really free. I don't enforce any payment so you can use it without having to pay, but I ask that if you use it, you pay something for it. These apps that you want to have for nothing cost a lot to make, and take a huge amount of time and effort.

25-02-2016, 23:45
if you're on PC then have a look at my vrHive app.

It's free, but I'm in the same camp as mr_belowski, if you find it useful please donate. These apps can and do take hundreds of hours to write and maintain. This week alone, (since Sunday) I've spent just over 15 hours updating and playing with the code.