View Full Version : IF we are not getting IMS why is this in the VehicleHRLiveries.bff file?

25-02-2016, 06:04

Was this put in thinking we would of gotten IMS?

Neil Hopwood
25-02-2016, 06:38
Because indycar wants it in would be the most likely reason.

Alan Dallas
25-02-2016, 07:31
Rather pointless to have that livery which commemorates a race on a track we're not going to have IMHO. Assuming it really is completely off the table for pCARS1.

25-02-2016, 07:39
Yea was confused and it's in the 9.0 update file which don't make much since. So we suppose to use that and support a track that won't let SMS make a multi player base track without the AI?

25-02-2016, 07:43
Because you should give a damn about whats inside the bff files. Its crypted files not meant for the public. They could place Half Life 3 inside w/o caring... ;)

25-02-2016, 07:56
Well they can't exactly go to indycar and tell them that they won't honor the agreement on liveries because they can't use the track, that would make a deal much less likely for pcars 2.

It's clear we're not getting Indy, maybe we will see a fictional oval, maybe an update to the test oval. Depends on what if anything they had to go along with Indy.

25-02-2016, 07:58
Because...damn...Half Life 3 inside...

i can't wait to try that track. it might have some landmines though

25-02-2016, 08:04

Was this put in thinking we would of gotten IMS?

Really this is just getting ridiculous now.

Give it up.


25-02-2016, 08:11
Thread closed before it turns into another pissing contest.