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25-02-2016, 07:14
Hey guys, I have recently bought a new T300rs, could you help to set it up? I'm new to the steering wheels so I really don't know anything about calibration FFb ets. I would like to feel the car reacts as real as possible with strong feedback for racing and I need some advise for drift settings. Thanks.

25-02-2016, 13:12
go to this site http://pcars.oscarolim.pt/wheel-settings/browse/ps4-1 and choose any setting you like.. i use morpwr's setting it's really great .. and go to car setting in same site and use jack spade "classic"

25-02-2016, 14:05
I'd recommend getting your wheel dialed in normally, then customize the cars' setups and individual car FFB settings for drifting. IMO, you don't actually want to change your FFB settings much for drifting specifically, because a good FFB setup is going to balance all factors: front tire grip, body inertia, caster centering, road surface, etc.

For drifting setups, you'll want to run low tire pressure at the rear. This "slows" the transitions between sliding and grip, which makes drift recovery a little easier. You don't really need to worry about cooking your tires, because you're just intending to slide anyway, but you will want to wait until your tires are good and hot before making revisions to your setup. You'll want to set the car up for a rear roll bias as well. You can use the setup calculator at ProjectCARSSetups.eu (http://projectcarssetups.eu/) to determine roll bias. If you click the little (i) icons near the graphs, you can get a nice explanation of what everything means.

Surprisingly, simply locking up the rear diff and maxing out spring/damper settings does not result in a particularly good drift setup. It's a matter of firming up the rear enough that you can initiate a slide, but having enough grip that the car remains controllable. The two easiest cars to drift (for me) in the game are the Ruf CTR (the old one) and the Mustang GT.

Have fun!

05-03-2016, 12:22
Any tips regarding ffb or steering wheel setup?

05-03-2016, 13:06
Any tips regarding ffb or steering wheel setup?