View Full Version : Multiple car noises when driving KTM Bow

26-02-2016, 17:47
When driving the Bow in cockpit view I'm experiencing multiple car noises around me when I'm driving by myself in clean air.
To reproduce the problem do this.

Quick Road B race at Oulton Park International. 19 cars same class. Doesn't matter practise, qual or race.
Get out in clean air without any AI car around you. I can hear different engine sounds in my headset as if they are racing close to me.

26-02-2016, 19:23
Lakeside and Hilltop are pretty close to each other: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/archive/3/32/20131021073136!Oulton_Park_Circuit_Map_2013.svg

Could it be that you're hearing the AI when it's driving on the opposite straight than you?

27-02-2016, 00:26
Quite possible, but the sound seems to be in my ears all around the track. Might run it again with reduced amount of cars to see if it has an effect. Will do video to see if I can capture the sound too.