View Full Version : [RESOLVED] Cannot See V8 Falcon after installing....help please

28-02-2016, 15:46
Hi all, PS4 user here with a very serious problem. I have been trying to install the Ford Falcon V8 for days and I have almost given up. First of all I live in the UK and I have a region 2 disc. I have downloaded many other DLC/cars and the StanceWorks pack without any problems, they are all in the games car menu but the V8 Falcon will NOT appear. There was a problem initially where the Ford Falcon was "waiting to be installed" for a while, then when I next started the game it was "installed" but did not show up in the car list. I repeatedly (5 times) deleted and reinstalled the V8 from the PS store and each time got a confirmation that the "Free car *8 is installed" but could not see it in the car list.
I have uninstalled the game, reinstalled it with the version 9 update, re-installed the StanceWork pack and V8 Falcon, and it says both are "installed" but still the Ford is no-where to be seen. It is not in my garage or in the car list, yet the BMW 1-Series M Coupe and Bannochbrae Road circuit are there. I have been looking forward to this car for months and cannot understand why it refuses to appear. Any help would be appreciated

28-02-2016, 16:15
Restore your licence , Select [PlayStation™Network/Account Management] > [Restore Licences].

28-02-2016, 16:59
Thank you very much.... just did that and it's finally in the menu....:D I only wish I had posted the question yesterday as I have to work tomorrow! Many thanks again Ports. Very much appreciated mate.